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Today we are proud to unveil our newest business unit, Fiducia Investors. 

We decided to bring together our networks, our deal flow access and most importantly, our operating experts, to form a capital markets arm of North Sixth Group. 

Led by George A. King, Fiducia Investors offers a range of core financial services through the North Sixth Group deal flow network. In addition to providing capital markets solutions to our portfolio companies, Fiducia Investors will make direct investments in companies that match our focus on Passion, Purpose and Progress.

We are honored to have someone of George’s experience running Fiducia Investors. His background includes more than 325 capital closings totaling $20 billion. George has executed two successful IPOs and served in various university and board positions. He has served as Audit Committee Chair and member in four countries in North America and Europe and has written two books and a law journal on securities law and Federal tax law. 

The first investment we are making through Fiducia Investors is Predictive VC. Led by a talented entrepreneur and technologist named Kevin Alvarez-Fung, we believe Predictive is paving the way for the future of venture capital investing in high-growth technology sectors such as metaverse, Web3, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

With our investment in Predictive, we are honored to join other leading investment partners as an inaugural investor in Predictive’s flagship fund. Beyond joining as an investor, we are most excited to learn from the Predictive team about the future of metaverse and Web3. We feel lucky to have a partner such as Predictive to help keep us as sharp as possible on the changing landscape of technology and the internet.

Thanks to everyone who helped us bring Fiducia Investors to life, and a special thanks to the team at Predictive VC who have welcomed us with open arms.


Matt Rizzetta, Chairman