North Sixth Group is proud to be supported by a network of institutional and individual investors who contribute unique value, knowledge, relationships and resources to our portfolio. Our network of investors and advisors represents the best of executives, experts and leaders of industry from various sectors.

Meet Our Investors

Investor Type


Investor NameInvestor TypeParticipation
Wavemaker PartnersWavemaker Partners InstitutionalPortfolio Investor
GRLD-venturesGRLD VenturesInstitutionalPortfolio Investor
Morgan Harris HeadshotMorgan HarrisIndividual/ Family OfficePortfolio Investor
George KingGeorge KingIndividual/ Family OfficePortfolio Investor
daniela-mancinelliDaniela MancinelliIndividual/ Family OfficePortfolio Investor
Brian RubinIndividual/Family Office investorPortfolio Investor
Vince SaduskyVince SaduskyIndividual/ Family OfficeAsset-Level Investor
Geoff JudgeGeoff JudgeIndividual/ Family OfficeAsset-Level Investor
Paul OlliverPaul OlliverIndividual/ Family OfficeAsset-Level Investor
Jerome FitzGibbons HeadshotJerome FitzGibbonsIndividual/ Family OfficeAsset-Level Investor
Mike Pollack HeadshotMike PollackIndividual/ Family OfficeAsset-Level Investor
Gardner Ellner HeadshotGardner EllnerIndividual/ Family OfficeAsset-Level Investor
Brian BjeldeIndividual/ Family OfficeAsset-Level Investor
michael-whiteMike WhiteAdvisorAdvisor
al-diguidoAl DiGuidoAdvisorAdvisor
keenan-beasleyKeenan BeasleyAdvisorAdvisor
Judge GrahamAdvisorAdvisor
Simone CalzolaiAdvisorAdvisor