Deal Flow Advantage

One of the competitive advantages for North Sixth Group is our deal flow network and access to relationships. We have developed extensive relationships over the past 12 years with a global network of entrepreneurs, investors, celebrities and entertainers and advisors across many industries. This has created a pipeline of constant deal flow across various industries and companies at all stages of growth. Since we are operators and entrepreneurs ourselves, our portfolio companies appreciate the fact that we have “skin in the game” and we are invested in each other’s success.

Our deal flow network includes:

  • Constant pipeline of deal flow across multiple sectors.
  • Prospects at all stages of deal flow cycle and business growth, from start-up to pre-IPO.
  • Diligence team with experience working with the world’s largest institutions.

Value Creation Services

North Sixth Group is invested in our portfolio companies in many ways. In addition to capital contributions, we add unique value to each portfolio company by contributing our network of resources, talent and infrastructure. We work hand in hand with operators to determine how we can best optimize the value of each holding by leaning on the resources at our disposal.

  • Public relations services
  • Marketing services
  • Sales and revenue
  • Financial and accounting services
  • Back-office and administrative support
  • Fundraising and liquidity outcomes
  • Executive advisory and strategic services
  • Networking and VIP introductions
  • Software/IP development
  • Recruiting and culture