Matt Rizzetta

Matt Rizzetta is the Chairman of North Sixth Group, a family office holding company investing in Passion, Purpose and Progress. North Sixth Group has wholly owned and minority interests in a variety of investments across media, marketing, technology and sports and entertainment.

Included in the North Sixth Group family of companies are leading public relations firm N6A; modern marketing and content house Studios; data-as-a-service provider Everything Clicks; news distribution software solutions provider News Direct; online reputation management solutions provider RepSpert; professional Italian football clubs Ascoli FC and SS Campobasso and streaming sports media platform 196 Sports.

Rizzetta served as N6A’s CEO from 2010 until 2020. Under Rizzetta’s leadership, N6A has been ranked as one of the 50 most powerful agencies in the United States by the Observer, PRWeek’s Best Places to Work, and the Top Company Cultures in America by Entrepreneur. He is the author of two books; “The Death of Irrelevant PR: Outcome Relations is the New Public Relations” and “Embrace the Pace: The 100 Most Exhilarating Lessons Learned in a Decade of Entrepreneurship”.

Rizzetta has served on the boards of Marketing EDGE, Venture Noire and Iona College, and oversees the Lauren Nicole Rizzetta fund, an annual fund which provides students enrolled in special education programs below a certain household income with fully paid costs for much-needed resources, including technology, curriculum and social and emotional educational development tools. The fund is fully financed by North Sixth Group.

Rizzetta lives in Westchester County, NY, with his wife and three daughters.


Michael D. White

Michael D. White is the former CEO of DirecTV. Prior to his tenure with DirecTV, Mr. White served as the CEO of PepsiCo International and vice chairman and director of PepsiCo. His experience includes service as CEO of Frito-Lay’s Europe, Africa and Middle East division, and CFO for PepsiCo and certain of its subsidiaries. Mr. White has served on a variety of boards for non-profits, academic institutions and major global corporations, including Bank of America, Kimberly-Clark, Whirlpool and Johns Hopkins University.

Daniela Mancinelli

Daniela Mancinelli is the CEO of North 6th Agency (N6A), a leading public relations and marketing firm founded in 2010. Ms. Mancinelli previously served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer, and was promoted to CEO in 2021. Ms. Mancinelli has been with N6A since 2015, and has been instrumental in N6A’s culture, innovation and employee programs. Ms. Mancinelli was awarded with the 2020 Marketing Edge Rising Stars honor, which recognizes corporate executives under the age of 40 who have made the greatest impact on the marketing industry through education and mentorship of future generations of marketing leaders.

Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh is an engineer, entrepreneur, investor, Super Bowl champion and NFL all-pro defensive lineman. Off the field, Suh strives to inspire the next generation of young athletes and “unexpected” investors to create generational wealth through continued smart investment decisions. He is a Partner in HMS Development, Managing Partner of House of Spears Management, LLC and the founder of Generals Restaurant Group. Through the Suh Family Foundation, Suh works with communities to provide resources people need to sustain long-term success. Suh earned a bachelor’s degree in construction management engineering from University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Keenan Beasley

Keenan Beasley is a successful entrepreneur, industry disrupter and visionary who has founded, built and sold multiple companies. His background spans technology, art and creative services, marketing, retail and consumer packaged goods, among many others. Mr. Beasley is also founder of Venture Noire, which was one of the first non-profits focused on providing programming, resources, networking and capital opportunities to the community of entrepreneurs of color. Since its inception, Venture Noire has provided more than 1,000 entrepreneurs of color with non-dilutive grants, mentorship and training.

Al DiGuido

Al DiGuido is the former CEO of Bigfoot Interactive, Zeta Interactive and Epsilon Interactive. Mr. DiGuido is a marketing and media industry pioneer, and rose to prominence as one of the founding industry leaders of email marketing during his tenure as CEO of Bigfoot Interactive. In 2005, he sold Bigfoot to Alliance Data’s Epsilon business unit for $120 million and became the CEO of Epsilon Interactive. Mr. DiGuido is also the founder of Al’s Angels, a non-profit, charitable organization whose mission is to provide assistance to children and families suffering hardship due to life-threatening illnesses or poverty.