Books and Published Works

Embrace the Pace: The 100 Most Exhilarating Lessons Learned In A Decade Of Entrepreneurship

In Embrace the Pace: The 100 Most Exhilarating Lessons Learned in a Decade of Entrepreneurship, Rizzetta shares the 100 lessons that have helped him to become the leader of one of the fastest-growing independent public relations firms. He shares the real-world lessons that he’s learned while building and operating a fast-growing business with practical and digestible stories behind each, including overcoming adversity in your career, building a winning corporate culture, how to recruit and hire great talent, entrepreneurship stories, effective management tips, leadership lessons, sales tips and best practices, ways to differentiate your customer service practices, how to bring innovation to life, and conflict resolution in the workplace.

The Death of Irrelevant Pr: Outcome Relations Is the New Public Relations

“The Death of Irrelevant Public Relations” is a first-hand account of how the Outcome Relations (OR) model was created and how it is paving the way for the future of the PR profession by creating accountability for specific business outcomes. “The Death of Irrelevant Public Relations” gives first-hand accounts of the inspiration and lessons that went into creating the OR model, as well as best practices, tips, case studies, and the six-step process behind OR.

Investment News

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Community & Philanthropy News

Lauren Nicole Rizzetta Fund to Provide Fully-Paid Resources in Support of Special Needs Students

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