Our SIDE is a community initiative that North Sixth Group has created to bring together everyone in the North Sixth Family of companies to support Sustainability, Inclusion, Diversity and Equality.

Our SIDE unites everyone in the North Sixth Family, including existing and prospective employees; existing and prospective clients; and our friendly network of advisors and partners; all with the common goal of making an impact across these four tenets of corporate social responsibility.

Our SIDE is a commitment and pledge made by North Sixth Group that is spread across our entire family of companies that includes the following:

Corporate / Profit Pledge

All North Sixth Group companies donate two percent of profits toward Our SIDE.


Upon hire, all new employees for each North Sixth Group company will choose an Our SIDE charity of their choice. North Sixth Group will contribute one percent in addition to the employee’s salary during the first calendar year of employment toward the Our SIDE charity of their choice.

Existing employees of all North Sixth Group companies will have the option to donate to an Our SIDE charity of their choice. North Sixth Group will match all employee donations dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000.


Upon engagement, each new North Sixth Group customer will choose an Our SIDE charity of their choice. At the end of each fiscal year, two percent of the profits from each customer engagement will be donated to the selected Our SIDE charity.

Time and Community Involvement

All employees of North Sixth Group companies are entitled to a Purpose Day each year. The Purpose Day enables each employee to receive an extra PTO day dedicated toward community events, important social initiatives and other meaningful activities that are aligned with the nature and spirit of the Our SIDE program.