Our Investment in SS Campobasso

Here is a cool dream that I have kept secret for many years that I figured I would finally share.

Before I get into my dream, let me tell you about my love for soccer. Soccer, football, futbol, calcio or whatever you choose to call it, is something that I have always been passionate about. Some of my fondest memories are of sitting on my grandfather’s lap on Sunday mornings, watching matches through the grainy TV feed as the scents of espresso permeated the living room. Soccer to me is more than just a game. It is an expression of culture, creativity and self-identity.

So, here is where the dream part kicks in.

When I first started our business, I had very little money. My wife and I were cash-strapped, expecting our first child and I was trying to get a business kickstarted with virtually no income. Despite the financial difficulties, I set a goal of one day being able to own a professional soccer club in Italy. And not just any soccer club. I wanted to go to a nearby city from where my grandparents immigrated and buy a soccer club there. Over the years, it gave me something to aspire toward as our business scaled. I thought it would be a great way of bringing my business journey full circle.

After 11 years, I was finally able to do it. Earlier this week our holding company, North Sixth Group, announced we have become an owner in SS Campobasso, a professional soccer club in Italy.

This is an amazing club with a passionate fanbase and a proud tradition (they were founded over 100 years ago and have beaten clubs like Juventus, AC Milan and Lazio for those of you who are fans).

It is in a location that is a true hidden gem with so much potential. Campobasso is in the Molise region of Italy, which is located right between Rome and Naples. The region spans from beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea to breathtaking mountains on the region’s countryside. Its restaurant and travel scene were named among Italy’s best by Esquire and The New York Times, which tells you all you need to know.

Just like my grandparents, this is an investment in an underdog. The club currently sits in the fourth tier of Italian soccer, but it is well-positioned for growth under world-class president Mario Gesue, who has an incredible vision. As of this blog, the club owns the longest unbeaten streak of any team in professional Italian soccer, and we have a great plan and ambitions to reach the top divisions in the years ahead.

Molise as a region is overlooked and written off by many. The region is filled with great people who are hard-working, warm, and hospitable, just like my grandparents. It is one of the best kept secrets out there, and with this investment, I am motivated to make Campobasso a secret no more.

This is a dream that did not come without sacrifice. My wife, who has been my biggest supporter, has made many sacrifices on behalf of our family to make this possible. Over the past 11 years, there were no rounds of golf, there were very few tropical vacations, lots of Sunday family BBQ’s that ended abruptly with client emergencies, and there were countless other sacrifices along the way that afforded us this opportunity – some of which I’m not so proud of to be honest (to all young entrepreneurs out there, enjoy things while you can, because life moves fast!).

But in the end, the dream came true.

I remind myself that the mission of North Sixth Group is to invest in Passion, Purpose and Progress. This one is about as “Passionate” as it gets.

Stay tuned for news in the months ahead as we execute on our strategy for the club. It is going to be an exciting ride, and we have so many plans to grow the club’s fanbase and global reach. We could use all the support we can get, so get behind us and root for the Lupi (“Wolves”). Something tells me you are going to want to say you jumped on the bandwagon now, because we have big things in store on the road ahead.

There you have it. That is the story of my little soccer dream that finally came true. Hope you enjoyed it.

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North Sixth Group, LLC, is a family office holding company. The company has wholly owned and minority interests in a variety of investments across multiple sectors, including media, real estate, technology, travel, and sports and entertainment. Additionally, North Sixth Group dedicates financial, networking and human capital resources to community-based and philanthropic initiatives geared toward passion, purpose and progress.