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Our latest investment has an extra special meaning to many of us at North Sixth Group, and I am certainly no exception.

Earlier today, we announced we purchased the rights to the historic Italian American newspaper America Oggi (“Today” in Italian). For generations, America Oggi (“Oggi”) became a symbol of the Italian American community, becoming the largest Italian daily newspaper in the world outside of Italy.

Let me tell you the backstory.

Like so many Italian Americans, Oggi conjures up great memories of my childhood. I vividly remember walking hand in hand with my grandfather to the local deli many mornings to buy a copy of Oggi. He would read it cover to cover every night on his rocking chair until he fell asleep.

Matt with his grandparents.

In 2004, when he passed away, we placed two items in his casket. One was a needle and thread to pay homage to his career as a tailor, where he worked tirelessly in the Garment District of Manhattan to support my grandmother and mother. The other was a copy of an Oggi newspaper. He never missed an issue.

So, you can imagine how moved we were when the ownership of Oggi approached us with the opportunity to purchase the rights to the publication. It was one of those few opportunities where investing and childhood intersected.

Soon we will be integrating Oggi into America Domani (“Tomorrow”), which will be the leading digital media community for everyone who has a passion for Italian culture. You’ll be hearing plenty as we gear up to launch America Domani this summer.

We have some amazing talent along for the ride already. Publishing industry leader Al DiGuido will be joining as Publisher & CEO. Award-winning journalist Matt Caputo will be Editorial Director. We have dozens of skilled and talented influencers, contributors and partners who will be joining us. Everyone is passionate about paving the path for the future of Italian Americans through America Domani.

It is quite surreal for me. America Domani will never replace those morning walks to the corner deli with my grandfather. But our promise is to work hard to make it a symbol of pride for the next generation just like Oggi was for so many in the previous generations.

A Domani. Until Tomorrow.

Matt Rizzetta, Chairman