Just returned from our first trip to Italy since we acquired an ownership interest in SS Campobasso. There were so many incredible memories from the trip; including heartwarming interactions with fans and merchants, sponsor meetings, facility tours and stadium visits, and sessions with government leadership to discuss long-term investment plans.

Most importantly, the trip was safe and secure for everyone involved. Hats off to everyone who ensured both the safety of our team and the safety of all the people with whom we met while were in Italy.

There were literally too many great experiences to write about, so we figured we would let the pictures do all the talking. As if we weren’t excited enough already, the trip made us truly motivated to build a winner for fans of the “Underdogs” of SS Campobasso across the world for many years to come!

Hope you enjoy the photo album from our trip!

Tour of home stadium Stadio Nuovo Romagnoli with Director of Operations Nicola Cirrincione

Walkthrough before home game against Real Giulianova

On the field during warmups with club President Mario Gesue

VIP tour of Colavita headquarter facility outside of Rome

First meal in Campobasso at Osteria 28 with management team

Meeting with mayor of Monteleone di Puglia Giovanni Campese

Training session with club at practice ground in Campodipietra, Molise

Meeting with mayor of Campobasso Roberto Gravina

Meeting with president of Molise Region Donato Toma

Meeting with Manchester United Director of Scouting Marco De Sisti

Signing ceremony for acquisition of SS Campobasso

Post-signing ceremony with Director of Operations Nicola Cirrincione and attorney Simone Calzolai

North Sixth Group European attorney Simone Calzolai at signing ceremony

Personalized pizza surprise for North Sixth Group Chairman Matt Rizzetta at Bar Centro, Campobasso

Dinner preparations for SS Campobasso board meeting

Club management meeting to discuss transfer market

New ownership presentation with club CEO Raffaele De Francesco, Director of Operations Nicola Cirrincione, President Mario Gesue, Owner Matt Rizzetta and General Manager Luigi Mandragora

Media presentation with co-owners Mario Gesue and Matt Rizzetta

Campobasso Store in downtown Campobasso

Training preparations at practice grounds

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